Python generators explained through 4Ws

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Today, “what are Generators in Python” and “what are Generators used for in Python” are some of the most popular Python interview questions.

Often, Generator is considered as one of the slightly more intermediate concepts in Python. If you are new to learning Python, you may not have come across…

A better alternative to dictionaries and named tuples in Python

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It is common for us to work with simple data structures such as a Tuple (tuple) or a Dictionary (dict) in Python. We use them almost everywhere and every day in our lives programmers to store data.

For instance, we can represent a car object with the code example below:

Learn the magic behind “with” statements in Python with examples

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Regarded as an obscure feature by some, the with statement in Python is often only used when dealing with file operations. Below is an example that shows you how to read and write a file with Python’s built-in open function:

A simple example of opening a file in Python.


Four common error-handling mistakes to avoid in Python

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Imagine you are building a blogging app. In the normal flow of your blogging app, users are able to sign up and create blog posts.

An exception (error) is said to occur when the normal flow of your app is interrupted unexpectedly. …

You might have been using them all wrong

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In Python, there are four built-in data types that we can use to store collections of data. With different qualities and characteristics, these built-in data types are known as List (list), Tuple (tuple), Set (set), and Dictionary (dict).

In this article, we are going to slightly dig into the rabbit…

Things you need to know about Python’s formatted string literals (f-string)

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Long gone are the days when Python developers used the % operator to perform string formatting in Python.

Sometime later down the road when Python 3.0 was introduced, common use of the % the operator was gradually replaced with calling the .format() method on the String object.

Fast forward to…

Why understanding the basics of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) will make you a better developer

Network Cables
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I vividly remember during my first job interview as a developer, I was asked a couple of programming-related questions, which I had little to no problem answering.

However, things immediately went south when I was asked the question:

“Walk me through what happens when I browse for

Become a better Django developer with these tips

Pro Django book on desk
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Django is one of the most popular frameworks among Python developers worldwide, with many high-profile sites built on it such as Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, and more.

While there a lot of awesome tutorials available out there for one to learn to become a better Django developer, most of them are…

3 Tips for writing clean code with Python examples

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What exactly is “clean code”? While there are many definitions out there, the most popular one that most people agree on is that “Clean code is code that is easy to understand and easy to change or maintain.”

As code is more often read than written, constantly reminding ourselves to…

Ways to Build Applications Fast With No-Code or Low-Code Tools

Turn Ideas Into Reality
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So, what do “no-code” or “low-code” mean? In essence, they mean building software or applications by writing little to no amount of code. Before this, applications are traditionally built by developers or programmers writing code where coding is a difficult skill to master.

Not going to lie…

As a software…

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